XORXOR is a collaboration between scientists, engineers, artists and robots. We work on projects where real-time visuals meet complex design to create novel experiences.

XORXOR was founded in 2013 in Budapest, Hungary with the aim to bring new visual and technological possibilities to the cultural scene. The studio follows a research-based practice to explore new ways to solve complex problems. Our clients range from museums through dance companies to film and theatre productions in Hungary and in the international scene.

Core Team

Gabriella Fenesi

  • executive
  • general coordination
  • project management

Gáspár Hajdu

  • architecture & design
  • creative code
  • art & tech

Gábor Papp

  • creative technology
  • computer science
  • real-time graphics

Eszter Kiskovács

  • illustration
  • ui design
  • graphics design

Flóra Petrók

  • real-time graphics
  • creative technology
  • game development

Sámuel Setényi

  • data vizualization
  • generative art
  • creative technology

Contact us

Bartók Béla út 19.