We are looking for talented people who share our passion for creating interactive experiences

We are accepting applications for a number of roles across a variety of ambitious projects being developed throughout 2021 and beyond.

The ideal candidates are eager to learn and able to approach creative challenges from conceptual, technical and aesthetic points of view.

You will have the opportunity to become part of our team, take an active role in our creative process and work on projects for clients ranging from museums through dance companies to film and theatre productions in Hungary and the international scene.

Open Positions


Creative Coder

  • Passion for real time, generative, interactive visuals
  • Familiarity with any creative coding framework (Cinder, OpenFrameworks, Processing) or OpenGL, DirectX
  • Experience with real time graphics and algorithms
  • Experience with C++, shader programming, GLSL
  • Proficient knowledge of Git version control
  • Experience with Unreal Engine is a plus
  • Experience with computer vision is a plus

Web Designer

  • Experience with web based technologies such as JavaScript, WebGL (ThreeJS)
  • Experience with real time web applications
  • Experience with frameworks supporting frontend UI and UX solutions
  • Knowledge of backend programming, Node.js, experience with APIs are a plus

Graphic Designer

  • Ability to work in specified concepts with creativity
  • Ability to sketch ideas, draw quick conceptual drawings
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Familiarity and ability to use pixel and vector based techniques
  • Knowledge of 3D techniques, texturing, animation is a plus

We take applications continously with projects starting immediately or in the near future, online based or at our studio in Budapest, XI. district.
Please email your CV and portfolio or web links to info@xorxor.hu.