Touch Paradox, 2021

Projection and realtime visuals for the theatrical performance of Artus Company

“Two bodies meet at one point. This point is now common. Two bodies, two people meet at this common point. They are touched. Being touched is like getting into something exceptionally sensitive, intimate, deep. In this moment, something really important, something essential happens. Something inside moves and changes. A new era begins in a person’s life. Whoever is involved is no longer objective. Rather honest. And vulnerable. Touch permeates, grasps a person’s being, essence, and gently or forcefully, but takes control. Finally. Therefore, anyone who touches someone bears great responsibility, be it physical, emotional, artistic or ideological touch. (Gábor Goda)”

This time we created 3 different interactive effects driven by camera input and lidar sensors. Each effect was used as a large scale background projection.

A particle simulation effect, where the 2 dancers position and relation affects the visual quality and intensity of visuals. A slitcam based fullscreen projection. And a minimal arrow-array shooter, where the incoming arrows fill-in the shape of various geometries.